Troy Koelling
Galatea Design

At some point during this spiel, I want to make known where I stand politically. I'm not a Republican and I'm certainly not a Democrat. I like to associate with Libertarian but even that is too narrow. Worst of all is "independent" so lets not even go there. No, I have an idea in my head and the way I vote backs that up. What I say here should not be construed as a new form of governing, just a philosophy for how to think about the current form.

In principle, I agree with the American style of government. Democracy is dangerous, but I believe people can handle it. The biggest problem with democracy, is that people tend to vote themselves too many privileges. As Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon looses both." The key is to separate rights and privileges similar to how we separate church and state.

I say similar, because there are many levels of government. At the top of the pile, is the federal government.

The balance of power between the three branches of government is beautiful. Executive, Legislative, Judiciary each with their checks and balances to ensure that no single branch gets un-supervised control over America. But when I vote for the federal government, I always vote to reduce power. The only thing they should be concerned with is foreign affairs and protecting the constitution. No Medicare, no Homeland Security, no Social Security. It's true that the Legislative branch becomes mostly obsolete because there's no laws to write, but they can spend more time watching the President who is the public face to the world, and watching the Military. In fact, they should be given control over the generals, so if the president wants to start a fight he MUST ask congress. There would be no room for Presidential "executive orders" or sending troops without congress consent. Lastly, the Judiciary monitors the laws passed by the state governments to ensure they are constitutional. Remember that the bill of rights is protecting the people against the government.

The state government should establish all the little laws that protect people against other people. Laws like whether there is a death penalty, Abortion laws, etc. Basically, the state government holds all the rules of what you or your corporation can't do, whereas the Federal government makes laws about what governments can't do.

As you might expect, next comes the City/County government. Here lies more control over individual people, driving laws, civil courts, and stuff like that. Each layer of government I discuss is structured how the layer below them votes them to be. If the State government wants to have a house of representatives, the cities must cast a majority vote. Cities never vote on the structure of the Federal government, only states can do that. Likewise, individual people have no say on how state governments are run.

That's basically the current infrastructure. I vote to reduce power up top and give that power to the lower levels of government.

But if you'll notice the scroll bars on your screen, I'm not finished yet. This is all new stuff I would implement if I were designing a new structure.

Citizenship is not a right. If you want to become a citizen, you must serve time in a government job, whether it's military service or teacher or office clerk. Citizens have the right to vote, and the right to hold certain offices. Non citizens would co-exist, much as they do today, just without the right to vote.

Back to the government itself. The next level of government is the corporation/congregation. I can't figure out what to call it, but those two things sum it up the best. Everyone is part of various groups that have different benefits and those would be an official part of government. Social programs such as health, pension, ect. would come from these establishments. These would need to be regulated, because there would be a tendency for them to glob up and band together forming mob like or waring tribes. I'm not exactly sure how they would operate, this is something I'm still working out

Congregations are made up of Families. Families would be as they are today, they operate as communes where resources are shared. Family pride would be emphasized, because aside from going to your congregation, your family is the only thing helping you out.

And finally, the last level is the Self. This level actually breaks the trend, because all other levels became more and more liberal, but the self should be fascist. If you don't know what that means, it's a prideful, nationalistic, oppressive government which employs censorship and strict socioeconomic control to suppress opposition. The philosophy has a lot of negative stigma because when one person uses it against other people, that's bad. But if you consider your own vices and habits to be your opposition, then why not face governing your own body with censorship, oppression and pride for doing so?

So there it is. I did not vote for Bush last election because he was too liberal for the Federal government. Kerry wouldn't have been better but he would spend so much time undoing what Bush did this term, nothing would have been accomplished and I much prefer a Federal government with a thumb up their bum than a world power. Locally, I vote more democratic but there's not a lot you can do here, they have nothing to give the people after the Federal and State governments give everything away already.

Updates to follow, I'm not ashamed to be a "flip-flopper"